BBC One’s Hustle Ends

Ever since Hustle was first shown on our TV screens back in 2004, yes that was eight years ago, when I was only a little boy, I was hooked and became a major fan. I have watched every episode going, and own all the DVDs.

When I heard Series Eight was going to be the last, I was completely devastated, I still am in fact. It was one of a handful of things I watched, but now it’s been snatched from right in front of me. It’s like someone taking your favourite toy and not bringing it back!

I would be lying to say the Hustle Team didn’t go out without a bang, having caught a glimpse at some of the spoilers floating around online. Could it all just be part of the master plan, keeping the public in suspense? We filmed alternative endings said Kelly Adams, who plays Emma. It just makes it even more exciting right? :)

To all the cast and crew, both on and off the screen, you’ve done a wonderful job over the past eight years. Without your work, we wouldn’t have been able to watch what we did. I only hope the rumour of “Hustle: The Movie” becomes a reality.

Before I finish up, I leave you with Mark Wilson and his adventure following the film crew round Birmingham for 15 weeks while they shot the last series and ending up as an Extra in the last episode. Well worth a read I tell you, how I’d have loved to have been in his shoes. Great stuff Mark, and well deserved!

So grab yourself a beer (or two), sit back, relax, and enjoy the last of Hustle tonight!

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