Tip: Favouriting Tweets

In this day and age, everyone uses Twitter in some form while they’re out on the go.

Anything from checking  out tweets while on the train and/or bus, to telling everyone what they’ve just had for lunch, or how you need to get yourself back to your day job.

Safe to assume in that case you’ll have see a fair number of interesting topics that, given the time, you’d love to explore further. The question is though, how do you go about saving those particular topics?

Am I the only one who favourites a Tweet (from their phone) for checking out later when at the computer? :) #useful

— Mark McWilliams (@markmcwilliams)

I simply use the Favourite option already available on Twitter; it really couldn’t get any easier if you tried. The above tweet was posted as I wanted to find out if any of my followers did similar.

It was nice to see that Emyr Thomas, Chris Klosowski and Brian Krogsgard all did the exact same as myself. In fact, I’m sure many more of you do it also. If not, well now is your time to start. There’s not any excuses now! ;)

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Mark McWilliams
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